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Be Yourself Always

I felt her pain bleed through her text message. Insecurity and self-doubt had raised it’s ugly head. I know. I have met the bully who shouts “not good enough” to the female heart. I quickly texted back, “Be yourself always, because you are awesome.” It is true my friends. No fluff is necessary. No camouflage […]

Keep Climbing

The stoic tower stood high with it’s whispering tales of grander days. It beckoned me inside to imagine the past with a hopeful view of the present. “Let’s climb it. It will be fun,” I persuaded my husband. We ventured into the great belly of the historic lighthouse and began the ascent on it’s spiral […]

A Girl and her Crown

She danced with her crown secured on her tiny head. Dressed in her royal robe, she moved to the music with a smile on her face. She was not only adorned with her jeweled tiara, but she was adored and loved by all her subjects. You see, at this moment, my grand-baby girl, Bella, was […]


“Mimi, why are you NOT in-vit-ing me?” my three-year-old grandbaby girl quietly asked with her blue eyes questioning. “You are going on all these ‘tips,’ and you are not ‘in-vit-in’ me. Momma says I can’t go unless you ‘vite me.” I immediately scooped up my baby girl and held her tightly. Yes, the last few […]

Beautiful Moments

“Your message changed my life,” the words spilled softly from her lips as a knot formed in my throat. This precious young mom voiced her gratitude. It had been over a year since we first met. Now her normal included a healed and full life. I love to encourage others but it is extra beautiful […]

We tied the knot. Now what?

It was a warm summer day in 1986 when we said, “I do.” Surrounded by family and friends, Terry and I promised to love and cherish each other. It was tender. It was sweet. We believed in marriage and had high hopes of “living happily ever after.” However, as we ran from the decorated ceremony […]

Familiarity or Change?

He loves change. I prefer familiarity. He will try anything fresh and new. I prefer to stay in my comfort zone. For instance, my husband enjoys finding a new path to get from point A to point B. I want to drive the same route over and over. He thrives on traveling new roads and […]

Pray Drunk Prayers

Are you in a place of desperation? Do you have unplanned meetings with a tear-soaked pillow while others sleep? Do you need God to change your circumstances? There was a woman in the Bible named Hannah who understood the pit of desperation. Scripture records her tears, tells of her anguish and explains her grief. Hannah […]

Our Babies

My Friend, Are you sadden by the recent choice of our society? Or maybe you are facing an old hurt this week as you hide your hidden secret of an abortion. To the moms who have had an abortion, I love you. God loves you. He gives forgiveness, grace and every momma her choice. God […]

Closed Doors

My heart skipped a beat as I read the bold letters in the subject line. With a deep breath, my trembling finger opened the long-awaited email. My eyes frantically scanned the lettering for one word. It was not in the first paragraph. Nor was it in the second. Instead, my eyes saw a list of […]