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A Personal Letter

Dear precious friends, Forgive me but today I want to share, in a personal letter format, from my heart to yours. This weekend I am headed to the beautiful mountains of NC to Montreat Conference Center with the ladies of my home church! I am teaching a new three-session live event on the Book of […]

From Panic to Peace

When your days are long . . . When tired, torn and teary-eyed . . . When you want peace instead of panic . . . My friend, I know of hard places and sleepless nights. But I also know of a peace that carries one through the challenging seasons, and I have found an […]


Potential . . . The oak tree inside the acorn Potential . . . A president inside the young boy Potential . . . The little girl who grows into a beautiful patient momma Potential . . . The cute puppy who becomes man’s best friend Interesting isn’t it, how God has a way of […]

Directionally Challenged

Somewhat recently, I was in an unfamiliar building and stepped into the ladies room. After washing my hands, I turned to exit only to open the broom closet. (I have never told anyone this embarrassing secret.) 🙂 Now you know; “I have gotten lost in a bathroom.” HA! Getting from point A to point B […]

God Sees

I answered the startling ring of our doorbell to find a family friend. He flashed his big grin as he said, “I have something for you.” Glad to see my church buddy, but taken back by his unexpected visit, I followed him to his car. He retrieved the gift from the floorboard. Excitedly, he presented […]

Headaches and Deadlines

Do you have days when your head is pounding, and deadlines are threatening? Do commitments stare you in the face while your thoughts are blurred, and your mind is tired? Sometimes headaches and deadlines will not dissipate. Can you relate? All I can say is thank goodness for Advil and a fantastic daughter who sends […]

When You Want to Run Away

The date was Saturday, October 19, 2013. I remember it well for this was the day I was to be the featured speaker at a ladies brunch. The expected crowd was about 40 ladies, but I was beyond excited. It was my first women’s event invite not to come from family or friends. I felt […]

Do You Know What You Have?

I recently read an intriguing story of a wealthy man named William Randolph Hearst. The late Mr. Hearst enjoyed collecting rare artifacts and expensive paintings. His mansion in northern California has been a testament to his thirst for unique items and houses a rare and beautiful display. On one occasion, Mr. Hearst heard some artistic […]

Facing Fear with a Handful of Chocolate :)

In my natural state, I can be a fearful person. Fear of the unknown, fear for the safety of my children and concerns of the future can be paralyzing. I often desire to live in my comfort zone trying to control life’s outcome. Can you relate? Do you ever worry? To live life fully and […]

A Promise for Stormy Days

Whether you are facing a personal storm or a dangerous hurricane, God promises to be with you today. He is close when life is calm, but He is also near in the storms. God promises never to leave us. “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am […]