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Do You Know What You Have?

I recently read an intriguing story of a wealthy man named William Randolph Hearst. The late Mr. Hearst enjoyed collecting rare artifacts and expensive paintings. His mansion in northern California has been a testament to his thirst for unique items and houses a rare and beautiful display. On one occasion, Mr. Hearst heard some artistic […]

Facing Fear with a Handful of Chocolate :)

In my natural state, I can be a fearful person. Fear of the unknown, fear for the safety of my children and concerns of the future can be paralyzing. I often desire to live in my comfort zone trying to control life’s outcome. Can you relate? Do you ever worry? To live life fully and […]

A Promise for Stormy Days

Whether you are facing a personal storm or a dangerous hurricane, God promises to be with you today. He is close when life is calm, but He is also near in the storms. God promises never to leave us. “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am […]

Self-care is not Selfish

Have you ever been so busy you didn’t have time to eat? It has been rare for me; (because I like to eat! 🙂 ) However, it has happened. The truth is sometimes life gets incredibly busy. Now and then the pressing needs of family or work can demand full attention, and it is tempting […]

How to Overcome When You’re Overwhelmed

I skipped breakfast and was still running late for the appointment. I had forgotten to finish a commitment as text messages dinged with each entry. Emails were piling up as fast as the dirty clothes. Buying groceries would have to wait for another day. Commitments and speaking obligations begged my attention. All the while, our […]

The Blessing of the Secret Gift

We have a special treat today from a personal friend and now new blogger! I am so grateful to have Renee’ Hodges from sweetfriendship.life share with each of you. You will be encouraged and blessed. Enjoy and sign up for future post Here!  “It’s okay, Miss Anne.” The pharmacist—Lynn, according to her name tag—spoke calmly to […]

Four Prayers for Your Back-to-School Child

As children are making their way back to school, we can pray over them with power and passion!  Here are four ways to lift up your child during this season. Pray for: A Calm Heart: When a child or grandchild is headed to school, pray for them (and maybe even yourselves, HA) to have a calm […]

Camping Does not Necessarily Equal Happy Campers

Lessons From a Recent Family Camping Excursion: Just because you go camping it does not mean you will have happy campers. Setting up a borrowed tent may or may not produce family conflict. When you have four chiefs, you need a few Indians. No person needs to peek inside a port-a-potty . . . EVER! […]

Public Follower or Personal Friend?

Have you ever followed a person on social media so tightly you felt she was your friend? Recently, I was with eight hundred ladies at a She Speaks conference. I went to learn from well-known teachers, authors, and publishers. While roaming the corridor, I observed some ladies taking pics at a photo station. Others were […]


Recently, I watched the magic of a bird taking her first flight from the hanging basket on my front porch. (See my earlier post for the full story.) As I observed this precious moment, I must confess it was awkward. In fact, it was more of a forward plunge than a flight. Thankfully, the nosedive […]