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Camping Does not Necessarily Equal Happy Campers

Lessons From a Recent Family Camping Excursion: Just because you go camping it does not mean you will have happy campers. Setting up a borrowed tent may or may not produce family conflict. When you have four chiefs, you need a few Indians. No person needs to peek inside a port-a-potty . . . EVER! […]

Public Follower or Personal Friend?

Have you ever followed a person on social media so tightly you felt she was your friend? Recently, I was with eight hundred ladies at a She Speaks conference. I went to learn from well-known teachers, authors, and publishers. While roaming the corridor, I observed some ladies taking pics at a photo station. Others were […]


Recently, I watched the magic of a bird taking her first flight from the hanging basket on my front porch. (See my earlier post for the full story.) As I observed this precious moment, I must confess it was awkward. In fact, it was more of a forward plunge than a flight. Thankfully, the nosedive […]

Don’t let Fear of the Unknown Trap you in your Comfort Zone

I recently had a baby bird hidden within a hanging basket on my front porch. She was tucked in a warm, secure place. She seemed quite comfortable. She was fed, cared for and maturing. One day she braved her first peak of the big world around her, only to quickly retreat into her comfort zone. […]

Three Steps to Soaring

The momma perched with a captured worm in her beak. Surveying her surroundings, she cautiously flew into the foliage of my hanging basket. She entered the greenery with her prey; then emerged without it. She repeated the process for several mornings, until one day, a small head popped up for a first look at the […]

When Your Day is Dumping on You

I feel like my day is dumping on me. Every now and then, not often, but sometimes, the long hours seem to be filled with one obstacle after another. People disappoint me or responsibilities become harder than expected, and it affects me.  I’m sure you’re not like this, but when my day or plans get […]

Hay Bales and Hummingbirds

The rhythmic sway of the porch swing offered a gift of relaxation.  I soaked in the unhurried warm morning; breathing in the familiar sights. A hummingbird enjoyed a sweet treat from the feeder. The cascading foliage of a hanging basket safely covered a hidden bird’s nest. Even the large round hay bales seem to lazily […]

When You Feel Like Quitting

The ugly threat gushed quickly from my mouth in a moment of complete frustration. The words, my words, had cut so deep the wound was unbearable. I saw the salty water brimming in my son’s eyes as he turned to hide the spillage. I had said the words before but vowed to never say them […]


“I have a dream!” I can’t hear that statement without thinking of the powerful work God did thru Martin Luther King, Jr.  I too have a dream planted in the deep recesses of my soul by my Creator. My dream might not be as noble as his, or as far-reaching, but it is my dream nonetheless. […]

Obsessed with High Heels

I must confess. I have a thing for cute heels. Wedges, pumps, booties and pointed toe heels are some of my favorites. Honestly, I have more than my share. Black pumps, tan peep-toe heels, and nude spiked heels line my closet. It is an obsession. I admit; I am helplessly drawn to cute footwear. Why? […]